Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Big Picture vs Detail Oriented

Are you a Big Picture person or Detail Oriented person? Some of us have a natural instinct to be one or another, we have a preference. We need both kinds of people in the world. Both skills are beneficial.  Neither one is better than the other.  Both skills are needed on the job, needed in life. We often feel more comfortable with one versus the other, but being able to develop both and call it forward when you need it is a worthwhile exercise. Can you move between the two?

Like me, you might find one easier than the other, but wait…there's hope! Yes, we usually have a preference, but with awareness and intention to improve on a skill, you can increase you ability to think big picture or detail orientation.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Form the big picture in your mind and let your life be guided toward it. It often helps to write or sketch what you see or sense. People who are big picture thinkers focus on the future. They can visualize the end product in their mind. They might orchestrate or employ the people they need to connect the dots and fill in the detail to accomplish the goal.

2. Need more big picture thinking? Let the big picture be the lighthouse that sends out the beacon of light to guide and direct your boat to shore.  Look around, look at the horizon.

3. Now for the detail. Adjusting the sail and moving the rudder will bring your boat to safe harbor. The tacking and making small adjustments help you to move forward and accomplish your goal. Keep your eye on the beacon of light and not just the waves lapping at your boat.

4. You need a destination or plan to move forward, otherwise your boat can move in circles. People with a preference for detail need to know what the plan or goal is or need to create the plan before getting into action. Once the plan is laid out, they are generally able to move it along. Forward the action, deepen the learning!