Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Work It

Welcome to my first posting of Work It! I look forward to connecting with you as a career/life coach to help you create, redesign or revive your career path and life purpose. Whether you are just entering the work world as a Gen Y, seeing retirement on the horizon as a Baby Boomer or somewhere in-between, I hope my blog will speak to you, and you to me. I hope to talk about the changing world of work, how we work, the value of work (beyond the $), work/life balance, work fulfillment, life purpose, finding work that suites you, career change, quitting a job, resumes, job search strategies, entrepreneurship, leadership at work, volunteerism and retirement. You get the picture, right.

Just like the old song by singer, Peggy Lee, who sang, "is that all there is?" I will close and say, yes, that is all there is for this posting, but check backthere is more to come.

Barbara Wulf MS, GCDF, CPCC
Beckon Call

Beckon Call...what's yours?

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver, poet