Thursday, March 13, 2008

Brett Favre - Career Lessons from #4

Brett Favre’s resume profile might read: 17 year career in the NFL with 16 years as the Green Bay Packer’s quarterback. Broke most quarterback records in passing yards, touchdown passes, and wins along with all-time franchise records. Holds the all-time consecutive start record with 253 games and a Super Bowl win in 1996.

Well, # 4, you sure look like # 1 in my playbook! And now that he announces his retirement, what lessons can we learn from #4 to help us catapult our career path to #1? What was behind the man, the athlete, beyond the numbers who accomplished this career legacy?

Work Ethic - What we saw on game day was just a small portion of his week. In fact, his football career at Southern Mississippi was almost cut short when he had a near-fatal car accident. Inquiry: What motivates you in the workplace?

Preparation - Whether he was in the weight room, reviewing game footage, analyzing plays, practicing, or doing mental and emotional preparation, there are many aspects of preparing for game day. Inquiry: Prepare for your work success. Success usually doesn't just magically appear.

Team Player - Brett has been called the ultimate team player, # 1 in team. He led by humility and was devoted more to the “we” than “me.” Inquiry: The old days of looking out for ME, #1 are self-centered and are about control. Remember, there is no "I" in TEAM. Move beyond your ego!

Leadership - What is it to lead by example? He started 275 consecutive games (including playoffs) from 1992-2008, which certainly earns a gold star for attendance! Inquiry: How can you become a Leader in Your Life? Take time to explore your leadership potential and skills.

Passion - For the love of game. Brett was lucky, he found his calling in life, yet millions of Americans are dissatisfied and feel stuck in their jobs. Inquiry: We spend a lot of time at work, so why not find something that your enjoy... something that gives you a sense of accomplishment, something that challenges you, something that gives a sense of pride, etc. Find is too short to work in a deadend, lose-lose job. The longer you wait, the harder it is to make a change.

Strategy - Play to win. Work to win. Inquiry: Winning at work. Make it work for you.

Perseverance - He had setbacks…coaching and player turnovers, injuries, his addiction to pain medication, his father’s unexpected death, his wife Deanna’s breast cancer, even damage to his home in Mississippi from Hurricane Katrina. Inquiry: Life is not a "bowl of cherries," you will find pits. Take care of your health...mind, body and soul. What will serve you? Is it prayer, mediation, yoga, running, walking your dog, a massage, journaling...find it, use it. Don't forget to ask for help to cope with the pain and disappointments in your life.

Thank you #4! I look forward to seeing “what’s next,” but in the meantime, enjoy the time to pause and reflect on an outstanding career.

Barbara Wulf MS, GCDF, CPCC
Beckon Call